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Elephantic SPA (PTY) LTD

Elephantic SPA is a semi Public Relations business that exists to empower entrepreneurs and create a network of intelligent individuals who will be market leaders and assist in overcoming socio-economic issues that are affecting South Africa. Not only do we assist entrepreneurs or businesses with their professional documentation but we also strategically develop long-term mentality that will assist these entities…

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Official Press Release: Oriole Entertainment Studios

New Company Declares Pictures Orate Louder Than Words The Oriole Entertainment Studios officially launched on the first day of the youth month attracted hundreds of youth with its ability to expand and grow at a rapid rate. A few weeks after its official website launch, Oriole Studios now has 3 celebrity endorsements including YOTV presenter Merica Monamodi, few models under…

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GEORGE AND THE BEAST- The Difference between Power and Value

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Created? A brave young girl from Alexandra Township approached and asked a group of men who are probably in their late twenties as they were chilling next to their sports cars, drinking expensive liquor. These men are referred to as the ‘cool kids’ by members of the community. They ignored the question and thought the 11 year…

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