The Business Networthing Africa- What its about

The Business Networthing Africa- What its about

The Business Networthing Africa

The Business Networthing Africa

According to a Gordons Institute for Business Science (GIBS) report on Entrepreneurship in South Africa, our entrepreneurial activity is improving but still lags behind in comparison with other parts of the world.
The GIBS report claims that aspirant and existing entrepreneurs face huge challenges and frustrations in South Africa. This calls for a plan of action as entrepreneurship is one of the biggest tools of social and economic development. Entrepreneurship is not just about selling products, it’s about creating and delivering value and the biggest challenge that we face in Africa is that most entrepreneurs are unwilling to go that extra to develop themselves and their business.
The Business Networthing Africa (BNA) is an initiative that promotes knowledge entrepreneurship by developing people who own businesses that have the potential to challenge the current status-quo. Knowledge entrepreneurship describes the ability to recognize or create an opportunity and take action aimed at realizing an innovative knowledge practice or product. Without knowledge and information, advancement only becomes a myth.
The BNA is a new movement which is set to officially launch on the 30th of July 2016. If you are a self-seeking individual who is passionate about self-development please feel free to join us as we outline how knowledge sharing can create an impact in business. Our aim is to explore cutting-edge innovation and efficiency measures and to foster partnerships for actual project deployment.
Four entrepreneurs, who also happen to be authors, will be taking us through a whole new experience of business. Africa has the solution to its challenges, they are just hidden somewhere in the minds of the people, ours is to dig them out.

Launching BNA

The Enterprise Efficiency Workshop


  • Free consultation with our business coaches
  • Prestigious five star experience and dining at Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Opportunity to present your businesses to potential partners, investors, and customers
  • QandA Session with speakers


Investment: R399.00 per person

Account name: Elephantic Communications (FNB)

Account Number: 62509585842

Branch Code: 250655

Reference: Your Name
Key Stakeholders:
-Elephantic Communications
-Creative Minds Movements
-South African Turkish Business Association (SATBA)

We hope you join us!

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