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We Transmit Innovation

Our passion for innovation goes beyond ensuring that our clients’ communication is an effective one. We also add value to your their operations through improving their system, be it software system or basis operations system.

We Exist to Empower Businesses

The private sector in South Africa is facing numerous challenges that we believe can be tackled through developing strategic quality ideas for individual businesses. The fact that the state is the biggest employer means as entrepreneurs we need to push smarter that we are. Why not join the team that makes sure you prosper?

We're proffessional

We believe good communication is a key to business success. We have mastered the art of influence without manipulation and we are eager to instil this notion into the DNA of our clients. Professional communication starts internal and flows through professional presentation of a business.

Contracted Clients


Projects Done

Why We Suggest You Join Our Database

Our aim is not to have a big client base but to deliver quality to a few that we have. We have a diverse team ranging from finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Communications, and Media Relations that works together to ensure that our clients get Integrated Services that will get their businesses move prosper all the possible opportunities.

After all, we are not just another Public Relations Agency.


We will help you build your brand through engaging and resonating with your audiences.

Below-the-line advertising (Direct Marketing)

Our expert sales team go through intensive training to ensure that we deliver be best results. We don’t just sell products, we sell our clients’ visions through educated their prospects about their products


We provide promoters in various public spaces (Clubs, in-store, events, exhibitions, and point-of-sale). We also work with Oriole Studios in managing a group of models whose main purpose is to communicate an emotion.

Communication Management

Our professional team of public relations practitioners can plan, implement, monitor, and revise of all the channels of communication within your organisation.

Brand Development

  • Creative Direction
  • Photography
  • Brand Activation
  • Blogging

Content creation and Public Relations

As a communication agency we do the following:

  • Proofreading
  • Media/Press Releases
  • News Letters
  • Blogging


We will assist your business with setting objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training staff, developing facilities — in short, managing the resources needed to perform all of the above


Marketing is a process of creating, communicating, and delivering value. We can assist you in the most important part for commercialisation, which is Communicating Value to stakeholders.


Our system analysts will evaluate current communication system in an organisation and if necessary we will develop an upgraded and more productive system.


Sometime businesses fail not because their products are not good enough, but because they are selling them to the wrong customers. Instead of selling ice to Eskimos we will ship the ice to a dessert for you.


As a business that exists merely to empower other businesses, we also make sure that we train entrepreneurs by conceptualising their ideas so that they can get enough attention.


Development, editing, and conceptualising of business plans and profiles are services that are also offered by elephantic Communications.


We produce content for professional proposals; additionally we also do proposal reviews and editing.


  1. Discussion

    As a team, we sit-down and discuss any challenge or opportunity that our client is posed with. We discuss ways in which we can ultimately…

  2. Idea Generation

    We then screen all the creative ways that we can utilize to ensure that the client gets an economic advantage and sustainability.

  3. Implementation

    Execution of our creative and professional work is done through presenting our work to the client and getting outputs. This is where an organized program…

  4. Deliver

    Our biggest Weakness is that we're not perfect, biggest Threat is that we will never be, biggest Strength is that we always strive for perfection and…

Our Team

Mo Phakwago
Creative Director
Mr Thabang Ledwaba
Public Relations Practitioner
  • Public Speaker 95%
  • Business Coach 95%
  • Business Analyst 95%
Sakhile Shabangu
Communication Strategist
Mr Lucky Mmatli
Marketing - External Personnel
  • Marketing advisor 95%
  • Strategic Planner 95%
  • System analyst assistant 95%

Our Testimonials

"Elephantic SPA might have been launched in 2014 but the concept has been in development from 2010.We believe in persistent."

Thabang Ledwaba

Public Relations Facilitator & Co-founder Elephantic SPA

"I joined the team not because I know that we'll grow bigger, but because I believe in the objectives."

Lucky Mmatli

Marketing Researcher Elephantic SPA

"Elephantic SPA focuses on quality value, this is why they will always evolve. Keep up the awesome skills."

Molato Phakwago

Oriole Entertainment Studios.


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